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Biosafe offers a wide range of cryopreparation accessories to ensure a safe and efficient preparation of the cryobag containing concentrated hematopoietic stem cells before freezing. With these accessories and the Coolmix AS-210 device, the complete workflow of cryopreparation is covered.


In Order of Procedure Steps:


Order information

Traceability label printer: Product #7010
Traceability labels for cryopreservation: Product #7011 (Biosafe format) or #7031 (BioArchive® format) Minimum order quantity is 1 roll of 1000 sets of labels
Syringe pump device: Product #7014
Seal positioner: Product #7026 (for CryoSC-D) or #7035 (for CryoSC-Db)
Insertion tool: Product #7030, minimum order quantity is 1 package of 2 units
Overwrap bag: Product #4085, minimum order quantity is 1 box of 100 units
Overwrap bag sealer with air-purger: Product #7008
Metal storage canister: Product #7012, minimum order quantity is 1 box of 40 units

All cryopreparation accessories are CE marked.



Product Specifications

Description Parametres
Product Division Laboratory Division
Brand Cytiva

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