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Biosafe’s CryoSC-Db cryobag has been designed for the storage and cryopreservation of stem cells, especially cord blood derived stem cells. Extensive testing at Biosafe’s cryogenic test centre and at a number of key reference centers has shown CryoSC-Db cryobag to be amongst the most robust in the industry.


CryoSC-Db Main Features

  • Superior strength
  • Greater robustness
  • Remains flexible at low temperature
  • The CryoSC-Db cryobag manufacturing process is developed and patented by Biosafe. Morever, it has been optimized to provide a particularly smooth interior surface, reducing adherence of cells to the cryobag wall and facilitating removal of all the cells after thawing.
  • The CryoSC-Db cryobag has a 25 ml capacity and is composed of a 2 compatments. A main one (20 ml) and a small one for cells expansion alternative (5 ml)
  • Up to 4 integrated segments are available for QC control and analysis
  • The compartment channel design has been studied to ensure a safe sealing
  • Insertion of the CryoSC-Db cryobag into the overwrap bag is facilitated (thereby reducing the time between DMSO injection and freezing)
  • Improved design of spike connectors for optimal spiking when retrieving cellular product
  • Compatible with Biosafe’s complete range of accessories for cryopreservation


Technical Specifications:

Film material: EVA (ethyl vinyl acetate) copolymer
Dimensions: 71 mm x 87 mm, connector included
Volume capacity: 25 ml (DMSO solution included), 20ml in main compartment and 5 ml in small one
Sterilization: ETO, ethylene oxide
Traceability: unique identification code on each compartment
Integrated segment tubing for QC control: available, 4 segments of 120 ul
Connection port: connector for standard spike for each compartment
Standard: FACT standard (2011) compliant for tube sampling
Regulatory status: CE marked and FDA 510(K) approved (BK 090037)
Storage: in vapor or liquid phase nitrogen
Tank system: any standard cryotank and BioArchive R System
Biosafe Coolmix As-210 Device: compatible


Available with single-use kits references:

  • CS-530.4b (product # 10036)
  • CS-540.4b (product # 10037)
  • CS-570.4mb (product # 10039)
  • FB-100.2b (product # 10041)


Related Biosafe Accessories for Cryopreparation:

  • Seal positioner (product # 7035)
  • EVA overwrap bag (product # 4085)
  • Overwrap bag sealer (product # 7008)
  • Insertion tool (product # 7030)
  • Storage canister (product # 7012)
  • Traceability labels suitable for cryopreservation (product # 7011 for standard cryotank; product # 7031 for BioArchive R System compatible format)
  • Traceability label printer (product # 7010)
  • Syringe pump (product # 7014)


Physical integrity:

The physical integrity of the CryoSC-Db cryobag has been extensively tested to ensure its robustness by means of mechanical, functional, temperature and chemical reagent compatibility tests.



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