ALVO Medical Furniture

Products are made of highest quality stainless steel.

Manufacturing is according to Quality Management System ISO 9001:2000, which guarantee the highest quality on every stage of production process – from concept, through technical documentation, material and production methods, up to final quality control of each item.


ALVO customer experience centers Unique value proposition

In our global medical training centers, users and planners can work together with Dräger and ALVO experts to plan and design their medical workplaces under realistic conditions.
Surgical teams can experience how easy and quick it is to set-up their OR for surgery in a completely integrated video-over-IP environment. This user involvement not only increases acceptance levels, but also opens projects to new ideas.



  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Future-proof architecture
  • Possible to develop or add onto existing system
  • Surgical teams integration
  • Technology integration
  • Enhanced clinical outcomes through proper access to patient’s data
  • Holistic approach to designing operating rooms and other hospital areas in order to support cleaning procedures and enhance hygiene
  • Eliminating cable clutter, clash of technologies and providing optimal workflow
  • Using best quality materials and design solutions, optimizing lights parameters in the room
  • Modular technology with storage cabinets and monitors built into the walls saves space and gives modern and prestigious look



ALVO Medical Furniture Products

  • ALVO Modular Cabinets System


  • Surgical Scrub Sinks


  • Instrument Tables and Dressing Tables


  • Anaesthetics Cabinets and Emergency Trolleys


  • Equipment for The Operating Rooms


  • Trolleys for Medical Devices


  • Trolleys for Linen Transportation


  • Medical and Storage Cabinets


  • Baskets, Shelves and Trolleys for Sterile Prod


  • Medical Working Tables


  • Couches, Bed Screens, Medical Stools

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Product Division Medical Division
Brand ALVO Medical

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