Antibody Detection – Lambda Antigen Trays (LAT)

For efficient processing and reliable identification, the LAT™ product line offers economical and convenient ELISA-based assays for the detection of HLA IgG antibody. Three tray categories, each with distinct capabilities, are available in this product line. These trays feature pools of HLA antigens, which allow the determination of percent PRA and the identification of specific HLA Class I and Class II antibodies on a single tray.

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Lambda Antigen Trays (LAT) are designed for the detection of HLA IgG antibody and feature purified HLA Class I and Class II antigens in each well of a Terasaki-format tray. With the addition of patient serum, the antibodies bind with the purified HLA antigens. The panel of HLA antigens can detect IgG complement-binding and non-complement binding antibodies.


LAT™ Mixed


LAT Mixed assay is a cost-effective, HLA antibody pre-screening test that rapidly handles multiple samples on a single tray. The mixed tray contains a defined pool of antigens, including rare HLA coverage, and recognizes both cytotoxic and non-complement binding antibody. Its ease of use and reasonable price make it well suited for monthly patient antibody screens.


LAT™ Single Antigen


This ELISA-based assay detects and defines HLA antibodies in high PRA patients. Formatted on Terasaki trays, each purified HLA single antigen is coated in one well, allowing it to identify less common specificities that may be obscured by antibodies produced against the higher frequency antigens.


Features & Benefits

  • Identifies masked HLA antibodies
  • Can be used as supplemental test for high PRA patients
  • Convenient Terasaki tray format with small volume of reagents required


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