Diagnostic – Aptima HPV 16 18/45 Genotype Assay


The first FDA-approved test for genotyping human papillomavirus (HPV) types 16, 18 and/or 45 from patient samples testing positive for HPV.33 HPV types differ in the levels of risk that they confer for developing severe dysplasia or cervical carcinoma. Genotyping of HPV in women with negative cytology who are HPV-positive aims to improve risk stratification and to ensure appropriate follow-up of patients. Among the 14 high-risk HPV types, HPV types 16, 18, and 45, are associated with around 80% of all invasive cervical cancers worldwide. These 3 HPV types are present in approximately 75% of all squamous cell carcinomas and up to 94% of cervical adenocarcinomas.


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Description Parametres
Product Division Laboratory Division
Methodology Molecular Testing
Brand Hologic Lab

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