Autopsy Accessories

Bone Dust Collector, Zawbones, Autopsy Saws, Instrument Trays, Storage Containers and Covers, Strainers, Dissecting Pins, Neoprene Cork and Disposable Boards, Dissecting Boards, Body Bags, Body Tags, Bodyrests, Elevating Body Slats, Glove Dispensers, Stainless Steel Gloves, Cadaver Covers, Scales, Floor Scales, Fluid Collection, Dissecting Lights, Podiums


  • Instrument Trays

  • Storage Containers

  • Body Bags

  • Scales

  • Lights

  • Bone Dust Collector

  • ZawBones

  • Saws and Saw Blades

  • Boards

  • Bodyrests

  • Gloves and Dispensers

  • Cadaver Covers

  • Fluid Collection

  • Podium

  • Autopsy Aids

  • Rolling Storage


  • Embalming Supplies


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