Blood Collection – Instrumentation for Blood Bag

Blood Bag Mixers


Reliable blood bag mixers that combine scale and mixing functionality to support safe blood collection and processing.



Stay up and running with a long battery life designed for high mobility.

  • Operate without power supply for up to 80 donations
  • Convenient removable and rechargeable battery that can be charged automatically inside the machine or by the external battery charger



Efficiently monitor blood collection with automated settings and alarms.

  • Automatic tube clamp at the end of the donation
  • Adjustable low-high flow alarms
  • Adjustable donation time-out (up to 20 minutes)



Blood Bag Sealers

Efficient, robust and safe sealers for PVC medical grade tubing to prevent blood leakage from blood bags during the blood collection and processing steps.



Prevent damage to the sealer and tubing with built- in anti-spark and overheat protection.

  • Safety indicators, such as beeping and LED signals, indicate the presence of sparks while sealing, dirty electrodes, or that the system is overheating



Quickly and easily seal blood bag PVC tubing via an automated or portable process.

  • High-working capacity
  • Compatible with most standard tubing available
  • Easy to use and clean


Blood Bag Sealers

  • Weld MC Grifols
  • Weld B Grifols



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