Body Spills

Effectively deal with body spills quickly and safely using components including disinfectant CHEMGENE HLD4H, high level disinfectant wipes and super absorbent granules.

Chemgene Absorbent Granules

CHEMGENE Absorbent Granules are designed to lift all fluid-based spills including bloo, urine and vomit etc.

Anigene Nadcc Defra Approved Effervescent Chlorine Tablets

ANIGENE NaDCC solution provides a powerful disinfectant in the form of a powder compressed into a tablet.

The active ingredient, sodium dichloisocyanurate anhydrous (Sodium dichloro-1,3.5-triazinetrione Anhydrous) is formulated with effervescent salts to aid its dispersion in water. the volume of effervescent salts does not affect the ability of ANIGENE NaDCC to generate hypochlorous acid (free available chlorine) in water.

The volume of effervescent salts varies to suit different in-use applications, water temperatures, markets and packaging method, but the actual biocidal performance of the product is unimpaired. For example, where strip foil packaging is required, additional effervescent salts are added to bulk out the tablet to make them large enough to withstand the strip packaging activity.


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