Fume Cupboard – Pharmacy Hood


Space-saving and flexible.

Pharmacy fume cupboards are small fume cupboards that were especially developed for the

handling of hazardous substances in pharmacies. Of course, they comply with the requirements

of § 4 (2) of the German Pharmacy Regulations and are ideally suited for working with dusty preparations or volatile chemicals – not only in pharmacies.

Pharmacy fume cupboards are always used when less toxic substances need to be extracted.

  • Protection against harmful vapours
  • Filling on volatile solvents
  • Enclosing of small experiments
  • Neutralisation of odours


Properties and benefits:

  • Well suited for small laboratories and rooms with low ceiling height
  • Optimal placement on a table
  • Integrated airflow monitoring
  • For the connection to an exhaust air system available on site

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