Comparison Instruments FS C and FS M

Forensic Microscopes and Imaging Equipment

As a forensic scientist, your microscopes and imaging equipment must provide precision, quality, accuracy, and reproducibility of results to ensure success when examining evidence. Leica Microsystems supports your work to quantify, analyze and document findings with a wide range of forensic microscopy solutions from routine laboratory instruments to complete automated systems.





Comparison Instruments

Toolmarks and  Ballistic Documents Hairs and Fibers Ground Traces



FS C and FS M: Macroscopic (up to 80x)




FS4000 and FS2700: Microscopic (up to 1000x)

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FS C and FSM Microscopes:

Motorized Forensic Comparison Microscope Leica FS C

The modular Leica FS C motorized comparison microscope is used for a wide range of forensic investigations including ballistics, tool mark, and document comparison. Intelligent Automation combines with outstanding ergonomic design.

The five apochromatically-corrected macro objectives feature a high numerical aperture and built-in, adjustable iris diaphragms for top optical performance.

Different imaging modes (split image, superimposed image and combined image) are set at the press of a button. This convenient platform provides increased reproducibility, accuracy, and efficiency.



Apo macro objectives

Apo macro objectives are parfocal and telecentric to reveal the tiniest detail; with the motorized magnification changer (Factor 1.5x), 10 calibrated magnification steps are available.


Motorized bridge functions

Motorized bridge functions, X/Y stage movement, focus drives; and synchronous X-Y-Z movement even via remote devices Leica SmartMove or Leica STP8000 are just a few of the unique features.



Special object mountings

Can be equipped with special object mountings including rotary stages, large object stages, tilting stages, bullet holders, and various mounts for different objects.



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