CytoVision is the one image analysis and management system that provides Cytogenetic laboratories with an integrated, scalable platform for brightfield and fluorescent samples because only Leica combines the expertise in image analysis, robotics, and microscopy needed to deliver and support a truly integrated cytogenetics platform.

A scalable, modular approach to the design and development of the CytoVision platform ensures a future-proof solution for any laboratory – from configurations to support a single application workstation through to fully-networked, multi-application nationwide programs.

Please choose the flexible system that best meets your needs.

Configurations to match throughput and imaging requirements

One step slide loading, scanning and capture
  • GSL-120 processes up to 120 slides per batch
  • GSL-10 processes up to 10 slides per batch

Scanning and capture with manual oiling

  • Multi-bay stage processes up to 8 slides per batch

Capture station with on-screen analysis

  • Add cameras, motorized microscopes, filter wheels, XY-readers

Choice of manual or automated workflow

Select networking solutions to match data flow requirements

  • Server networks
  • LIMS connections
  • Site integration and workload balancing

Product Specifications

Description Parametres
Product Division Laboratory Division
Methodology Digital Pathology
Brand Leica Biosystems

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