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Apheresis Systems

Apheresis Systems include automated plasma and multicomponent collection equipment for donating platelet, red cell, plasma or combination blood components. Grifols is a distributor of Haemonetics MCS+ Collection for Chile, Mexico and Argentina.


Unique Mobility

Add more platelets in more places with a lightweight and portable design.

  • Robust design that withstands most mobile environments
  • Customized transport case doubles as a device stand for increased flexibility
  • Simple to install and easy to operate with automated cycles


Cost Effective

Improve donor management and use fewer donors to achieve collection needs.

  • Easily collect multiple blood components from a single donor
  • Run multiple protocols on the same device to meet collection goals


Apheresis MCS Systems

  • Haemonetics MCS+ 9000 Mobile Platelet Collection System


Pathogen Inactivation System

The INTERCEPT Blood System uses pathogen inactivation technology to help blood centers and hospital blood banks control the safety of platelets and plasma. Grifols is a distributor of Cerus INTERCEPT Blood System for Chile and Mexico.



Inactivate viruses, bacteria and parasites in plasma components independently of whether they have been identified as specific blood supply risks.

  • Render pathogens inactive with a proprietary molecule that binds to and blocks replication of the DNA and RNA that bacteria, viruses and parasites need to replicate
  • Effectively reduce the risk of transfusion-transmitted infections (TTI)
  • Potentially reduce the risk of transfusion-associated graft versus host disease (TA-GVHD)


Therapeutic Treatment

Add an additional layer of safety to plasma transfusions through pathogen reduction.

  • Store and prepare pathogen-reduced, whole-blood-derived or apheresis plasma with the INTERCEPT Blood System’s single-use plasma processing sets and an ultraviolet (UVA) illumination device
  • Prepare plasma for passive immune transfusion therapy of acutely infected patients



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