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As a forensic scientist, your microscopes and imaging equipment must provide precision, quality, accuracy, and reproducibility of results to ensure success when examining evidence. Leica Microsystems supports your work to quantify, analyze and document findings with a wide range of forensic microscopy solutions from routine laboratory instruments to complete automated systems.







Digital Microscopes

Toolmarks and Ballistic Shoe traces Documents Hairs and Fibers Ground traces Paint Physics / Cause of fire Fingerprint identification



DMS1000: Small digital microscope for macroscopic Inspections


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DVM6: Large digital microscope for microscopic- and macroscopic Inspections


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DMS1000 Digital Microscopes:


Low-to-Mid Range Magnification Digital Microscope Leica DMS1000

Digital microscope system for digital inspection, observation and measurement. From tiniest detail to an overview, the optics ensures magnification of up to 300x. The built-in HDMI microscope camera provides full high definition live images of up to 30fps and a resolution of 5Mpixels.

Take a fresh look at your samples on a monitor without the need of eyepieces. High-quality, full color still images as well as Full-HD movies are possible.

The Leica DMS1000 with coded zoom optics can be used as stand-alone or connected to a computer offering accurate 2D-measurements by using Leica Application Suite (LAS) software.

For special diagnostics requirements, there is the Leica DMS1000 B, a version certified for in-vitro-applications like in-vitro-fertilization (IVF).




Industry Applications

Digital Microscope System Leica DMS1000 for Industry Applications



Life Science Applications

Digital Microscope System Leica DMS1000 for Life Science Applications



Built-in Encoded Zoom

2D-Measurement without a computer!  The coded zoom feature of the Leica DMS1000 allows the user to make quick measurement checks using a scale bar, that automatically adjusts for each zoom setting.


Fast Live Images

Fast, high resolution live images in Full HD resolution with up to 30fps. This nearly eliminates any image delays because of the fast camera, making inspection of the product/biological sample, or observation of an experiment, simple and easy.


Standalone Operation

The Leica DMS1000 settings are customizable via an IR wireless remote control. Functions such as capture / review images or movie clips can be selected by a simple push of the button.

The built-in CMOS camera can capture 5 Mpixel still images or Full-HD movie clips within seconds directly to a SD card without the need of a computer.


The Leica DMS1000 is inherently ergonomic! This is due to the completely digital output of the digital microscope system as there are no eyepieces to adjust for each user. The monitor can be quickly and easily adjusted for multiple users.

Telecentric Optics

When accurate measurement is a must, you need superb optics. The Leica DMS1000 can be outfitted with telecentric optics making it a vital part of a digital microscope system for measurement.


Speed and accuracy in recurring tasks

Working with overlays provides multiple advantages, especially for recurring tasks, for example checking if parts or components comply to specific parameters. You can establish workflows for routine inspections with overlays that are superimposed onto your live image.

Low-to-Mid Range Magnification Digital Microscope Leica DMS1000


How to create and work with overlays for the DMS digital microscopes from Leica

Overlays can help you to save a lot of time in routine inspections. They provide an easy tool to quickly check if a component falls within the parameters of an accepted part. An overlay is a simple image file that is superimposed onto your microscope image during live inspection.

Watch this video to learn how to easily create customized overlays with a free image editing software, and how to use them with the DMS microscopes from Leica Microsystems.



Leica DMS1000 and Leica DMS1000 B Product Video

Learn more about advanced features such as a coded zoom, FlexAperture Technology, and Telecentric optics. The Leica DMS1000/B is a digital microscope, with HDMI output, that can function as a stand-alone unit or work perfectly with the Leica Application Suite modular software. Ideal for digital inspection or work in laminar flow cabinets such as IVF.



Watch Works

Captured as a standalone unit, the built-in camera can create movies at a frame up to 30 fps.



Printed Circuit Board

Document your work, such as this printed circuit board, as a movie with built-in camera, directly to the SD card.



With FlexAperture™ Technology

The built-in FlexAperture™ Technology ensues the illumination level and exposure time remain the same in manual mode at all zoom levels. Set the camera once and work at all magnification levels.



Without FlexAperture™ Technology

With most cameras in manual mode, the illumination level and exposure time will change when the  magnification changes. This can result in an underexposed image as shown in this video.




Captured using Leica TL3000 ST transmitted light base. High-frame rate of camera is visible (no image delay during movement of the Petri-dish). FlexAperture™keeps the brightness level constant during magnification change.



Tadpole Heart

Heartbeat and blood flow of the tadpole visible. Video captured using Leica TL5000 Ergo transmitted light base in Brightfield mode.



Human Oocyte

Human Oocyte pipetted from liquid. Video captured using TL5000 ergo transmitted light base in Rottermann Contrast mode. High-frame rate of camera is visible (no image delay during movement of the pipette).



Color Menu

This video simply explains how the color settings of the camera can be adjusted.


Exposure Menu

Learn how to change the exposure time, gain, brightness and gamma settings of the camera.


Resolution Menu

See how to select the HDMI video output settings of the unit to match the monitor.



Camera Menu

This short movie clip shows how the parameters such as time, date and file name can be defined or how to reset the camera back to factory settings.



User Menu

Learn how to save up to three camera illumination settings, adjust the menu color, change the unit language or program user buttons and more.



Overlay Menu

See how to select which overlay is displayed and how to import up to ten customized overlays to the Leica DMS300. Other options such as how to save the overlay to a captured image is also explained.



Remote Control

Get an all explanation of the remote control. Functions such as white balance, camera settings, movie playback, pairing and arrow key navigation are explained.




This tutorial video shows how captured images and movies on the SD card can be viewed and played.



Image Rotator with built-in LED illumination (includes M60 threaded adapter)

PCB Board

Combine an Image Rotator with your microscope system to get an entirely different view of your sample. Without moving or touching the sample.



Image Rotator with built-in LED illumination (includes M60 threaded adapter)


See the advantages of using an image rotator for viewing your specimens. The image rotator provides “from the side” viewing while the sample remains in a fixed position.



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