Hazardous Substances Storage – Acid & Base Cabinets


First-class protection against aggressive harmful substances.

Bottles containing acids or bases generally release aggressive fumes when stored after having been opened, thus endangering the health of laboratory staff. EXPLORIS® acid & base cabinets are continuously ventilated to minimise health hazards.


Because of their corrosive properties, acid fumes in particular place very high demands on cabinet materials. That is why the carcasses of our cabinets are made exclusively of solid polypropylene, a material that has proven itself even under extremely aggressive conditions.

Acid & base cabinets are available as both tall and underbench cabinets. The liquid-tight pull-out trays allow easy access to their contents.


Properties and advantages:

  • For storage of corrosive, non-flammable substances
  • Suitable for separate storage of acids and bases
  • Can be connected to the extraction system to remove aggressive fumes
  • Cabinets made of solid, acid-resistant polypropylene
  • Lockable with a corrosion-resistant lock

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