Laboratory Furniture – Underbench Cabinets

EXPLORIS® offers you storage space tailored to your needs.

Mobile on castors, frame-mounted for extra foot room, or with a steel base. With your choice of rectangular design or with octagonal corners suitable as substructure for octagonal worktops. Our product range leaves nothing to be desired.

The following underbench cabinet versions are available for installation beneath worktops, depending on the bench frame (type, height and width) and type of use.

  • C-frame underbench cabinet: Can be mounted on a C-frame. Allows cleaning beneath the cabinets.
  • Pedestal underbench cabinet: Mounts flush with the worktop and the floor. Enables maximum utilization of available space beneath the worktop. Soiling of the underlying floor is not possible, so cleaning is not necessary.
  • Mobile cabinet: Underbench cabinet on castors for flexible deployment. Mobile cabinets can be temporarily parked in seat niches, for example. They fit under all frame types: C-frame and A-frames.

For each furniture item you additionally receive a matching handle label holder. That saves you troublesome and time-consuming searching for items.

Dimensions Underbench Cabinets


The cabinets can be equipped with drawers, pull-outs or hinged doors and matching removable shelves according to your requirements. The wide variety of KÖTTERMANN underbench cabinet options allows you to use the space beneath worktops according to your individual needs. Comfortable seat niches or full-width substructures can be implemented with underbench cabinets for optimal space utilisation. Our corner underbench cabinets maximise space utilization with convenient and easily accessible Le Mans pullouts.

Special applications

  • Euipment cabinet for sinks: this cabinet does not have a rear wall and can be used beneath sinks and other workstations where connections for basins and taps must left clear.
  • Waste collector unit
  • Underbench chemical storage cabinets (link to safety storage)
  • Underbench cabinets for laboratory fume cupboards (link to fume cupboards)


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