LABXpress™ Pipettor

Automated Pipettors/Dispensers

When your laboratory staff is pressed for time, the Lambda Jet™ system streamlines procedures by systematically dispensing reagents into Terasaki Typing Trays and a variety of microtiter plates (96, 192, 384 wells).


LABXpress™ Pipettor

The LABXpress™ Pipettor handles dispensing and mixing with precision and ease. Perfect for high throughput testing, LABXpress™ reduces turnaround time and enhances automation. With worry-free tracking and a walk-away capability, it also frees technologists for other essential tasks.

LABXpress™ aspirates and dispenses precise volumes into test wells of a 96-well reaction plate and reagent vials. It features barcode readers for all reaction plates, sample tubes and reagent reservoirs for easy tracking. Eight pipetting channels facilitate quick processing. With a short set-up time of 30 minutes to one hour (depending on assay), LABXpress™ can improve laboratory efficiency.


LABXpress Pipettor for Automated Productivity and Walk-Away Capability

Looking for fast high-throughput testing, or just need to simplify and automat your laboratory’s workflow? With the LABXpress Pipettor, technicians can set the program and walk-away to do other lab work.


Key Benefits

  • Eight channel pipetting provides high throughput testing with reduced turnaround time
  • Barcode readers for all reaction plates, sample tubes, and reagent reservoirs ensure precise tracking
  • Full walk-away capability frees technicians for other work
  • Short set-up time: 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the assay

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