Microbiology Automation


Integrate pre-analytical, analytical and post-analytical tasks to save time and reduce overhead for improved patient care.

Copan WASP® DT: Walk-Away Specimen Processor

Automate sample processing your way

Standardize and improve the quality of your specimen-culturing activities. The Copan WASP DT is a modular, open platform that fully automates all facets of specimen processing in microbiology, including plating and streaking, Gram slide preparation, broth inoculation and disk application to aid in rapid, direct identification.


Copan WASPLab™ Microbiology Automation System

Customized culture incubation and digital reading for faster reporting

The Copan WASPLab microbiology automation system is a highly efficient, modular, scalable and customizable specimen processing and culture work-up system for clinical microbiology. The system incorporates a sophisticated, barcode-driven specimen processor with automated incubation and imaging, freeing technologists from labor-intensive manual tasks and allowing them to focus on the high-complexity work for which they were trained. These systems also streamline functions, allowing for increased capacity and faster reporting.


Product Specifications

Description Parametres
Product Division Laboratory Division
Methodology Microbiology
Brand Beckman Coulter - Microbiology

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