Molecular Typing – AllSet Gold SSP

Your work in the lab is critical—gel kits designed to give you the results you need.

Discover AllSet+ Gold sequence specific primer (SSP) kits. Allele specific kits result in fewer ambiguities compared to serology or some sequence oligonucleotide (SSO) methods.

A wide selection customized for your typing needs:

  • Direct to higher-resoluiton for all HLA loci
  • Higher-resolution for HLA Class I and Class II loci
  • Low-resolution for HLA Class I and Class II loci, including combination plates for ABC, ABDR, ABDRDQ, and DRDQ

Products :

AllSet+™ Gold SSP High-Resolution


For use when high resolution typing of HLA Class II is required and low resolution results are known.

Provides allele-level typing results with minimal ambiguities.

AllSet+™ Gold SSP Low-Resolution


Ideal for on-call typing, AllSet+ Gold Low-Resolution SSP Kits provide quick low to intermediate typing results of HLA Loci. Kits include pre-dispensed dry primer mixes and pre-aliquotted amplification buffer that saves you time and labor.

DNA Wipe Test


The AllSet+ Gold DNA Wipe Test is used to monitor DNA contamination that may interfere with the accurate reporting of AllSet+ Gold SSP and SeCore SBT test results. The test is designed to detect a majority of previously amplified, and non-amplified, human genomic DNA containing sequences specific to exon 2 and/or exon 3 of the following HLA genes: HLA-A, -B, -C, -DRB, -DQA, -DQB, -DPA, -DPB genes.


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