NEBROPATH – Anatomy and Autopsy Tables and Equipment

Tables for autopsies and sections are height adjustable to improve working conditions and feature a suction device and a set of sprinklers in the bottom of the bath to provide optimal hygiene.


  • Autopsy table


  • Autopsy table on wheels


  • Autopsy table with electric height adjustment


  • Autopsy table with roller system


  • Autopsy table, hydraulic vertical adjustment and rotating


  • Fixed autopsy table


  • Body preservation tank – 3 corpses capacity


  • Body preservation tank – 4 corpses capacity


  • Body preservation tank – 6 corpses capacity


  • Mobile body preservation tank


  • Mobile side table


  • Fixed side table


  • Movable organ cutting table


  • Movable instrument table


  • Scales


  • Body support, neck- and head holders


  • Lighting


  • Autopsy set


  • Autopsy set in suitcase


  • Electric oscillating autopsy saw


  • Electric oscillating autopsy saw with extractor


  • Electric aspirator

Product Specifications

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Product Division Medical Division
Brand ALVO Medical

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