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With true sample-to-result automation, adaptable workflow options and assays using proven TMA technology, the Panther system was built for maximum efficiency.  Efficiency that allows labs to leverage limited resources while increasing lab productivity.




Integrated molecular testing solutions in your diagnostic laboratory

Hologic technology and instruments are developed with laboratorians, healthcare providers and ultimately, patients in mind. Our molecular testing instruments deliver consistently reliable functionality and trusted end results. Hologic diagnostic instruments answer the demands of today’s labs with automation, efficiency and flexibility. Hologic instruments are adaptable to changing workflow and diverse testing needs for all types of molecular labs.

The Panther system: Unprecedented agility on a consolidated platform

The Panther system is a fully automated testing platform with true sample-to-result automation, adaptable workflow options and a consolidated testing menu. The Panther system allows labs to take control of productivity with a number of intuitive features.

Leverage limited resources

  • Proven lowest hands-on time to minimize labor1
  • A consolidated testing menu allows for maximized resource efficiency
  • A reduction in reagent waste with easy removal and reuse as needed
  • Controls/calibrators only need to be run every 24 hours, reducing cost per reportable

Increased productivity and efficiency

  • Random access: Load samples in any order without batch constraints.
  • Sample-to-result automation: Increase test volumes without increasing labor, helping you do more with less.
  • One sample, multiple results: Process multiple assays from one patient sample to decrease turnaround time and minimize labor.
  • Throughput for transcription-mediated amplification (TMA) assays: Process up to 275 samples in 8 hrs.2
  • Throughput for real-time TMA assays: Process up to 320 samples in 8 hrs and up to 750 samples in 15.2 hrs.2

A single, integrated solution

The Aptima assay menu on the Panther system includes testing for STIs, women’s health and virology on a single, integrated instrument.



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Product Division Laboratory Division
Methodology Molecular instruments
Brand Hologic Lab

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