Passive Cooling – SAVSU

For small volume shipment for extended period

The PHD™ line is designed for the shipment of materials, which must be maintained at 2-8˚C and or CRT temperatures and is designed for small volume shipments from single dose to 3 Liters in volume. Utilizing the antifreeze technology the PHD™ takes the risk of freezing out of 2-8˚C shipments. The outstanding insulation performance of the PHD™ maintains -2-8⁰C for 5 days.


For small volume dry ice shipment

The CryoQ™ line is designed for the shipment of small volumes of biomaterials, which need to be shipped at extremely stable deep-frozen temperatures when used with small volumes of dry ice. The CryoQ™ utilizes a Vial Rack system to deliver precision temperature management for dry ice shipments. Cryo Q offers 48hrs to 120 hrs performance at -80⁰C


For long term storage of small volume products

The NanoQ™ is designed for extremely long storage times as may be needed for international shipments, and for emergency long term storage of critical materials such as medicines and vaccines in remote areas. The NanoQ™ may be used for the storage of materials needing to maintain cold conditions . Performance – Up to 10 day (2-8 °C) on single charge

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