Clinical Electrophoresis – Platinum 5 Touch

Take complete control of your laboratory’s analytical, editing and reporting tasks with unparallelled ease-of-use.

Platinum 5 introduces a revolutionary and powerful new touch screen interface, designed to accelerate and simplify your analytical workflow — whilst still offering access to the full analytical power of the software.



The tools you need — just when you need them

The Platinum 5 touch-screen interface accelerates and simplifies your workflow by dividing the display into clear, logical areas — offering a consistent and intuitive environment in which to work.


Find and view results quickly and easily

The redesigned Navigation List in Platinum 5 enables you to rapidly find and act upon the results you are interested in, with intuitive colour-coding allowing you to quickly focus on abnormal results and and act upon them. With a compact but clear design showing all the key information, the touchscreen interface makes it easy to swipe through the list and view the trace data at full size.

The drop-down Inspector enables easy viewing and editing of a variety of key details for rapid interpretation and reporting:

  • Patient demographics
  • External chemistry data
  • Comments
  • Historical patient results
  • Attached (ID/IFE) results


Clear, user-friendly and rapid interpretation

Platinum 5 makes interpretation and diagnosis quicker, easier and more reliable with sophisticated viewing, comparison and editing capabilities. The expansive touchscreen interface makes zooming-in and navigating the trace ultra-simple, and our Second Derivative tool allows you to highlight small peaks or other features which could otherwise be missed. Together with innovative ways to filter, arrange and compare your result data, the clear design offers an unmatched environment to maximise your laboratory’s productivity.



Instant status and control of your V8 Nexus

Platinum 5 combines all management facilities into a single, at-a-glance overview of your analyser. The software provides clear, user-friendly graphical displays of all key processes and instrument states:

  • Current default method *
  • Overall instrument status *
  • Quality control status *
  • Analytical progress per capillary
  • Graphical instrument condition
  • Buffer and reagent levels
  • All communication, quality control and status logs
  • System measurements including temperature, voltage and pressure



State-of-the-art Quality Control package

Platinum 5’s quality control capabilities have been re-built from the ground up to take advantage of the large, clear touchscreen user interface for a much more intuitive and efficient process.

  • Proactive colour-coded alerting for failed or expired QC
  • Interactive Levey-Jennings charting and statistical reporting tools to track quality control performance
  • Convenient input of control data simply by scanning your assay sheet bar code

Product Specifications

Description Parametres
Product Division Laboratory Division
Methodology Electrophoresis
Brand Helena Biosciences

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