Reprocessing of Instruments

A range of instrument reprocessing chemistries including REPROZYME enzymatic instrument and equipment cleaner, REPRODIS HLD4i high level instrument disinfectant and CHEMGENE HLD4i instrument disinfectant wipes designed to be non-corrosive and to help prolong the life of your instruments.

Ultra L Concentrated Detergent

ULTRA L is a patented liquid concentrate detergent that is suitable for use in automatic spray and ultrasonic washer disinfection machines.

  • Cleans surgical instruments to the molecular level* removing tissue residues, fluids and other pathogenic debris.
  • Effective on difficult instruments penetrating crevices and burrs
  • Safe to use on stainless steel, aluminium and plastics
  • Suitable for hard and soft water conditions
  • Cost effective

Ultra SSC Stainless Steel Conditioner

Supplied as a 100gm powder shaker, ULTRA SSC Surgical Steel Reconditioning powder removes stains, ‘rust’ marks and dull shadow from the surface of surgical instruments and stainless steel.

ULTRA SSC powder is ideal for reconditioning the damaged surface of surgical steel and reforming the bright protective metal film.

ULTRA SSC removes stains and ‘rust’ marks as well as other oxide films that cause dulling, giving treated instruments an almost “as new” appearance.

Ultra P Instrument Cleaner

A patented solution to clean surgical instruments to molecular level, removing tissue residues, fluids and other pathogenic debris. Use as a pre-soak or for manual cleaning of surgical instruments.

ULTRA P is primarily used as a pre-soak for instruments prior to autoclaving. It is particularly effective on hard to clean instruments and safe to use on delicate devices, such as ophthalmic instruments.

ULTRA P is proven to remove biofilms and is ideal as an alternative to enzymatic solutions or for use on stainless steel instruments.

ULTRA P easily removes lubricating jelly and rapidly breaks down hardened deposits associated with surgery and examination. ULTRAP is supplied as a powder in 600gm with measuring scoop and comes with a pleasant fragrance.

Neozyme Enzymatic Foam Spray

NEOZYME Enzymatic Foam Spray is supplied as a 750ml Ready to Use Trigger Spray. Its use prevents biofilm hardening on the surfaces of surgical instruments and protects instruments during storage and transport.

NEOZYME is designed to keep soiling on used surgical instruments moist prior to the start of the decontamination process, reducing the re-wash rate. It is a ready to use blend of high foaming surfactants, an enzymatic agent, and a preservative. By applying as soon as the operative procedure is completed,

NEOZYME keeps protein in soiling moist but does not remove it.

NEOZYME further protects instruments by stopping the chloride salts within the contaminate from damaging the stainless-steel instruments thereby prolonging their life.

Reprozyme Manual Triple Enzymatic Instrument Cleaner

For the Chemical Reprocessing of Surgical Instruments, Flexible or Rigid Endoscopes and Devices

REPROZYME MANUAL (previsouly REPROCHEM MANUAL) Enzymatic Instrument and Equipment Cleaner is a multi-enzyme detergent concentrate which dissolves and removes proteinaceous and organic material (blood, saliva, mucus, etc) from the surfaces of instruments and equipment. REPROZYME MANUAL is non-foaming (designed as a pre-autoclave or automated system cleaner) and non-corrosive (safe on all metals, plastics, rubbers, etc) It is intended to be used on Instruments, Endoscopes, Aspirators, Ultrasonic Equipment, Blood and body fluid contact equipment and Re-processing machines.

Reprodis HLD4I Disinfectant for Instruments / Devices

REPRODIS HLD4i (previously REPROCHEM) High Level Instrument Disinfectant is a new class of High Level Instrument Disinfectant which combines secure microbioligical credentials with safety in use and a comparatively rapid activity for the chemical reprocessing of surgical instruments, flexible or rigid endoscopes and devices.

The product is primarily designed for open tank use, but its unique flexibility renders it also suitable for other medical apparatus including ultrasonic baths.

Chemgene HLD4I Instrument Disinfectant Wipes

CHEMGENE HLD4I Instrument Disinfectant Wipes are manufactured with the latest innovation in nonwoven material, offering unrivalled strength, absorbency, and low lint properties at a very cost-effective price. The wipes are impregnated with a multi-active disinfectant solution that is alcohol free and tested to EN standards as effective against a range of bacteria, viruses, fungi, yeasts, and mycobacteria.



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