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The Leica CM1520 is the best-value cryostat available for cryosectioning including critical applications such asMohs surgery.

The Leica CM1520 delivers high-quality sections the fast, simple and efficient way. Time is crucial when sectioning frozen specimens. An actively cooled quick freezing shelfwith defrost function and a powerful refrigeration system are provided to get rapid results.

In a minimum of time, the specimen can be clamped and oriented with the easy-to-use orientation system.

With the Leica CM1520 you have everything to obtain high quality sections without paying for the features that you do not need.


Less maintenance - more consistent sections

Less maintenance – more consistent sections

It’s easy to consistently create high-quality sections with the Leica CM1520s precise microtome and stepper motor control. The microtome is completely encapsulated, saving valuable time with maintenance-free reliability.

The well organized work space

The well organized work space

Create the ideal work environment you’ve always wanted. The flexible and efficient Leica CM1520 workspace includes a new object plate holder, a movable shelf and designated slide slots and tool storage areas on top of the instrument.

Easy to learn

Easy to learn

Self-explanatory, intuitive, direct controls allow anyone to start working right away without long hours of training. No need to scroll through multiple long menu options. Save time by directly setting the function you need.

Easy cleaning

Easy cleaning

The flat surfaces and easily accessible corners in the cryochamber make it extremely easy to clean the cryostat in between sections and at the end of each day, saving your time for more important work.

Fast orientation

Fast orientation

The object head orientation, with zero-position centering, enables the specimen to be  approached from the desired angle. Its easy handling helps you accomplish your work before deadlines are due.

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