Sepax 2 S-100 Kits – CS-900.2

Sepax kits are integral to our Sepax Cell Separation System. They are supplied sterile for single-use and enable a functionally-closed environment to separate cellular product into its components.

The CS-900.2 kit is designed for isolating multiple cellular products’ components (bone marrow, peripheral blood stem cells, cord blood). A dedicated line allows for small final volume recovery.



# Name Description
1 A-200/F Separation Chamber 220 mL spinning chamber enabling the centrifugation and transfer of processed product
2 Line Pressure Monitor 0.2 µm filter that connects to the Sepax pressure sensor
3 Stopcock Manifold Three automatically controlled rotational valves to direct fluid flow
4 Initial Line Connects the kit to the initial bag; includes a drip chamber (without filter)
5, 6 Washing / Resuspension Solution Line Connects the kit to the washing / resuspension solution
7 By-product Bag 1000 mL PVC by-product bag to collect waste
8 DGM Filter If applicable, a 0,2µm hydrophilic filter for injecting density gradient medium
9 Final Bag 500 mL bag for intermediate and final product
10 Final Line Connects the syringe for final product in case of small final volume. Equipped with luer port and clamp.

Accessory for Small Final Volume Option

The separation chamber holder is used for the final steps when the small final volume option applies.


Kit / Protocol Compatibility Matrix

Kit / protocol CordWash SmartWash CultureWash NeatCell Dilution Adipose
CS-600.1 x x x x
CS-900.2 x x x x

Environmental Conditions and Compliance

Store kits in a clean and dry environment without chemical or biological contamination within the following conditions:

Mode In operation Storage and transport
Temperature +7 to +27°C +4 to +40°C
Relative humidity 30 to 75%, non-condensing 20 to 75%, non-condensing



Shelf life: Two years from the date of manufacture.

Sterilization: Ethylene oxide.

Material: Standard medical grade PVC, PP, and other materials.

Biocompatibility: ISO 10993-1

Fluid path: Non-pyrogenic

The CS-900.2 is CE marked and complies with the applicable requirements of the 93/42/EEC Medical Device Directive. Confirm with your local regulatory authority for compliance with other regulations.



Product Specifications

Description Parametres
Product Division Laboratory Division
Brand Cytiva

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