Sepax 2 S-100 Protocol – ReadyCell

Our protocol software provides a fully-automated method to separate cellular product into its components in combination with our Sepax Cell Separation System. It enables a reproducible and user independent procedure.

ReadyCell is a protocol designed for concentrating the nucleated cell fraction from various cellular products into a small final volumes of 7-20 mL. It is particularly suitable for bone marrow concentration in point of care scenarios.



Key Features

ReadyCell features
Initial volume 30 to 220 mL
Selectable final volume 7 to 20 mL
Processing time ~ 15 minutes
TNC concentration factor Between 3 and 10


Step Details
1 After bone marrow aspiration and filtration, connect initial product to the kit.
2 Install the kit on the Sepax.
3 The Sepax automatically performs the procedure.
4 Collect concentrated cells from the final product vial.

 Product Features

  • Simplified parameters and user actions for time-saving procedures.
  • Traceability IDs: Use the Sepax traceability kit (barcode reader + printer) to track specific identification criteria.
  • Summary print-out: Print reports at the end of procedures with the Sepax traceability kit (barcode reader + printer).
  • Main user interface available in: English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish.

Kit / Protocol Compatibility Matrix

Kit / protocol CS-490.1 CS-470.1 CS-900.2 CS-430.1*
PeriCell x x
SmartRedux x
ReadyCell x
NeatCell x
Adipose x

*Maximum initial volume limited to 600 mL.



Product Specifications

Description Parametres
Product Division Laboratory Division
Brand Cytiva

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