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Lambda Monoclonal Trays, a One Lambda exclusive, are extremely dependable for determining HLA Class I or Class II antigens. Each tray is comprised exclusively of monoclonal antibodies, rather than human anti-serum, and has both positive and negative controls and will accommodate most CDC methods. They are designed for use with both staining techniques−dye exclusion and fluorescence.


Products :

Fast Monoclonal Trays (FMT)


The FMT includes all the features of the standard LMT™, but saves test time by using B-cells for both Class I and Class II phenotyping. Like the standard monoclonal, FMT can be used with dye exclusion or fluorescent techniques and include positive and negative control wells.


Features & Benefits

  • Consistent source of reagent
  • Premixed monoclonal antibodies in each well
  • Eliminates complement Q.C. testing
  • Total test time in one hour or less
  • Can be used with dye exclusion for fluorescent techniques
  • Accurate results

Lambda Monoclonal Trays™ (LMT)


LMT Class I and Class II Typing Trays feature a pre-mix of monoclonal antibodies and complement in each well, supplying a consistent uniform mixture of reagents throughout the array. The mix provides a shorter test time, fewer variations between lots and a higher level of consistency and accuracy in the typing results.


Features & Benefits

  • Offers batch-to-batch consistency
  • Eliminates complement Q.C. testing
  • Produces test results in one hour or less
  • May be used with dye exclusion or fluorescent techniques
  • Provides consistent source of reagents
  • Monoclonal antibodies and complement are premixed in each well


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