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Our tissue typing family also includes two unique cell isolation reagent products, LymphoKwik® and FluoroBeads®. In addition, we offer a host of HLA testing reagents optimized for use with HLA typing trays. These products include B27 FITC and bulk monoclonal antibody, rabbit complement, staining and quenching reagents, mineral oil, AHG, and other control reagents.


Products :

B27 Monoclonal Antibody


The B27 Monoclonal Antibody reagents react specifically to the Class I HLA and is to be used in immuno-staining of human lymphocytes in whole blood. The fluorescent intensity of lymphocytes can be analyzed on a flow cytometer after erythrocytes are lysed and removed.



The HLA B27 FITC conjugated monoclonal antibody will confirm the presence of HLA B27, as well as all eight sub-types associated with ankylosing spondylitis. Requiring no additional testing reagents or analysis software, HLA B27 FITC is a cost effective and reliable solution for confirmation of HLA B27 antigen.

Bulk Monoclonal Antibodies


Unconjugated HLA Monoclonal Antibodies are available for a variety of research applications. These antibodies are supplied in lyophilized form (100 µl). Specificity and concentration (10X) are determined by the microcytotoxicity assay using standard NIH conditions. Biotinylated and FITC-conjugated HLA Monoclonal Antibodies are also available. These monoclonal antibodies are available for a wide variety of applications including flow cytometry, animal cell typing, tissue staining, and chimerism studies.


All FITC conjugated and biotinylated monoclonal Antibodies provide 25 tests per vial.

Features & Benefits

  • Wide selection of HLA specificities
  • Well-characterized
  • Superior technical support

Cytotoxic Controls

Designed for the microcytotoxicity assay, One Lambda cytotoxic controls are used to test various conditions from the viability of a lymphocyte preparation to the reactivity of complement. One Lambda cytotoxic controls are provided in frozen form in 1 ml aliquots.


Features & Benefits

  • Pre-screened and ready to use
  • No preparation required


Gentle and tube-based magnetic separation with Dynabeads® is the technology of choice when you want to isolate high yields of pure, viable and functional cells. Your cells are not exposed to the stress of going through a dense column, and there’s no risk of your results being affected by the isolation method.

Reduce variability and get truly reliable and reproducible lab results on which to build your studies, diagnostic assays and therapeutic protocols.

FluoroBeads® Isolation Reagents

FluoroBeads T and FluoroBeads B Isolation Reagents are supraparamagnetic particles coupled to monoclonal antibodies specific to either T or B lymphocytes. The end result is a pure T or B lymphocyte population in less than 10 minutes.

FluoroBeads feature a particle size less than one micron in diameter, minimizing cell membrane damage, facilitating the use of automation, and increasing fluorescence intensities.


Features & Benefits

  • Short isolation time: less than 10 minutes
  • Isolation performed at room temperature
  • High yeild with 98% purity
  • Superior stability
  • Small particle size: less than one micron in diameter; facilitates the use of automation; minimizes cell membrane damage and offers greater florescence

FluoroQuench™ Staining/Quenching Reagent

FluoroQuench™ consists of fluorescent dyes and quench that have been combined into a unique cocktail to stain lymphocytes, quench background fluorescence, and stop the reaction in one simple step. FluoroQuench™ AO/EB is the last reagent dispensed in the microcytotoxicity assay. It stains both live and dead cells, quenches background fluorescence, and preserves the cells. No additional dyes are required.


Features & Benefits

  • Premixed and ready to use
  • Stains, quenches, and stops the reaction in one simple step
  • Provides consistently accurate results
  • Enhances performance of automated systems
  • Eliminates pre-labeling with CFDA (FQ AO/EB only)
  • Reduces handling of potentially hazardous reagents

Goat IgG Anti-Human Kappa

Goat IgG Anti-Human Kappa augments the cytotoxic reactivity of HLA antibodies, cytotoxic negative absorption positive (CYNAP) reactive antibodies, by at least 4 to 8-fold, depending on the titer of HLA serum. Goat IgG Anti-Human Kappa is used to increase the sensitivity of HLA antibody detection in the cross-match test.


Features & Benefits

  • Available in 1 ml and 50 ml volumes.
  • Protein concentration and antibody protein (mg/ml) have been determined.

Heavy Mineral Oil

Mineral oil is used in the microcytotoxicity assay to prevent the evaporation of antisera dispensed onto a Terasaki Typing Tray. One Lambda offers a heavy mineral oil that prevents evaporation and facilitates the mixing of reagents in each well


Lympho-Kwik Isolation Reagents provide a unique method for isolating specific lymphocyte populations. Unlike standard density gradients, Lympho-Kwik utilizes a combination of monoclonal antibodies, complement, and a stable density gradient to isolate the desired lymphocyte population. The procedure provides high purity and viability, saving valuable time in the process. Three versions of Lympho-Kwik are available:

  • Mononuclear Cells
  • T Lymphocytes
  • T and B Lymphocytes


Features & Benefits

  • Superior purity and viability
  • Isolates specific lymphocyte populations
  • Available frozen
  • Great “clean-up” method
  • Easy procedure
  • Saves time

Pooled Human Serum

Designed for use as a cell culture protein supplement or as a negative control reagent.

PHS is derived from plasma collected from healthy AB blood group male donors at FDA-licensed facilities in the US. Individual plasma units are converted to serum and heat inactivated. The material is pooled, filtered, bottled and cell culture tested for mycoplasma, endotoxin, and sterility. Each unit is also tested and found negative for all required viral markers via FDA-approved methods.



HBsAG, HIV-1, HIV-2, HCV, HIV-1Ag o r HIV-1 NAT, ALT, and Syphilis

Rabbit Complement


Our Class I and Class II rabbit complements are screened for activity and cytotoxicity using highly selected lymphocyte panels and characterized antisera to minimize lot-to-lot variation. Rabbit serum is the most effective source of complement for HLA typing, antibody screening and crossmatching. Complement effectiveness is related to the titer, and to complement factors and heterophile antibodies.


Features & Benefits

  • Long-lasting lots
  • Available frozen and lyophilized
  • Optimizes reactivity
  • Active with monoclonal, as well as, alloantibodies
  • No cytotoxic background



This HLA testing reagent, offered only by One Lambda, has revolutionized HLA testing. Stain-Fix™ is a combination stain and fixative that eliminates the use of potentially hazardous reagents while simplifying the overall test procedure. Stain-Fix™ is used to stain and fix lymphocytes in the microcytotoxicity assay.


Features & Benefits

  • Stains and fixes in one step
  • Does not contain formaldehyde
  • Minimizes background reactivity to less than 10% during extended storage periods
  • Provides excellent viablity with frozen cell panels
  • No preparation required


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