Serology – Tissue Typing Trays

Producing consistent, accurate HLA typing of Class I or Class II antigens, this selection of trays is available in a 72-well format. Each tray contains positive and negative controls and accommodates most complement dependent cytotoxicity (CDC) methods. They are designed for use with both staining techniques−dye exclusion and fluorescence.


Products :

Terasaki Dry HLA Tissue Typing Trays


The Class I and Class II Dry Tissue Typing Trays contain 1 µl of dried HLA monoclonal antibody in each well. As with the basic HLA trays, each Dry Tissue well contains a positive and negative control. Class II trays also include anti-B and anti-T lymphocyte controls.

Designed to withstand warmer shipping conditions and extended shipping periods, Terasaki Dry HLA Typing Trays are especially useful in areas where overnight shipping and freezer storage are problems.


Features & Benefits

  • Extensive coverage of Class I and Class II specificities
  • Robust reactions
  • Simple & Fast: one hour incubation
  • Requires only 1 µl of complement per well
  • Free lyophilized complement
  • Can be used for cell line typing
  • Durable under extended warmer shipping conditions

Terasaki HLA Tissue Typing Trays

Terasaki HLA Tissue Typing Trays are used to assign HLA Class I or Class II antigens accurately and quickly. The trays contain positive and negative controls and are designed for use with both staining techniques—dye exclusion and fluorescence. Each well of the tray contains 1 µl of specific antiserum and 5 µl of heavy mineral oil. In addition, all trays come with pre-screened rabbit complement.


Features & Benefits

  • Broad tray selection
  • 72 well format
  • Accurate typing results
  • Well-characterized antisera
  • Long-lasting lots
  • Free prescreened rabbit complement

Terasaki Supplement HLA Tissue Typing Trays


The Supplement Trays work with other Terasaki HLA Typing Trays (T1, T2, and T3) to help solve difficult typing situations.


Features & Benefits

  • Contains antisera to verify rare and difficult antigens
  • Complete C locus typing tray
  • Accurate typing results
  • Superior technical support
  • Free prescreened rabbit complement


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