Smart-Max Protocol – Cryo-SC

The Cryo-SC protocol software is an integral part of the Smart-Max system and provides a fully-automated method for cryopreservation of umbilical cord blood, allowing a safe,
reproducible and tightly controlled procedure.

Cryo-SC is a protocol designed to prepare an umbilical cord blood unit for long term storage. The functions of the protocol include controlled rate DMSO injection, cooling, and
homogenous mixing of the unit. It is possible to prepare one or two units simultaneously for storage. A data storage and transfer function allows the traceability of each unique unit.


Cryo-SC Features

Product Volume capacity 10-30 ml
Injection Flow rates 0.33 ml/min – 0.66 ml/min
Injection time 3-15 minutes, via syringe or bottle
Injection volume 1-10 ml
Temperature Cooling: 4°C
Compatible bags
  • Biosafe Cryobags
  • Pall bag
Post-thaw recovery 97% – 100%*
Post-thaw viability 80% – 100%*


*Varies based on post-processing cell counts

Step-by- Step Workflow

  1. Connection of cord blood unit to DMSO extension line and DMSO syringe.
  2. Installation of unit, lines, and DMSO on Smart-Max device.
  3. Enter user-selectable parameters (pre-cooling time, injection volume, and time) and traceability
  4. Automated procedure
  5. End of procedure: cord blood unit ready for controlled rate freezer or freezing tank


Unique Features

  • Possibility to inject DMSO in two cryobags at the same time (dual platform).
  • Pneumatic mixing technology for optimal product mixing during reagent infusion.
  • Universal cooling plate for cord blood bags.
  • 2 peristaltic pumps for DMSO infusion, parallel infusions possible.
  • User selectable multi-language support.
  • Enhanced traceability features.
  • Remote access possibility via internet.



Product Specifications

Description Parametres
Product Division Laboratory Division
Brand Cytiva

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