Smart-Max Protocol – Thaw-SC

The Thaw-SC protocol software is an integral part of the Smart-Max system and provides a fully-automated method for thawing of umbilical cord blood, allowing a safe, reproducible
and tightly controlled procedure.

Thaw-SC is a protocol designed to thaw volume reduced cord blood units in a closed and controlled environment, without the use of water or any additional solutions. A data storage
and transfer function allows the traceability of each unique unit.


Thaw-SC Features


Product Volume capacity 10-30 ml
Static thawing 1st phase recommended value: 4 minutes (for a 25ml bag)
Dynamic thawing 2nd phase recommended value: 3.5 minutes (for a 25ml bag)
Temperature Heating: 39°C
Compatible bags – Biosafe Cryobags

– Pall bag

Post-thaw recovery 97% – 100%*
Post-thaw viability 80% – 100%*


*Varies based on post-processing cell counts

Step-by- Step Workflow

  1. Installation of unit on the device’s baseplate
  2. Enter user-selectable parameters (dynamic and static thawing) and traceability
    • Static thawing: First phase of the procedure aimed at thawing cellular product contained in the cryobag until it reaches an icy slushy state.
    • Dynamic thawing: Second phase of the procedure aimed at completing the thawing process of the unit and ensuring a uniform product temperature.
  3. Automated thawing
  4. End of thawing


Unique features

  • Possibility to thawing two cryobags at the same time (dual platform).
  • Pneumatic mixing technology
  • Universal heating plate for cord blood bags.
  • User selectable multi-language support.
  • Enhanced traceability features.
  • Remote access possibility via internet.



Product Specifications

Description Parametres
Product Division Laboratory Division
Brand Cytiva

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