Hazardous Substances Storage – Safety Cabinet


Thermal insulation against fire.

EXPLORIS® safety technology can save lives in the event of fire. Our FWF90 safety storage cabinets for flammable liquids are designed to protect the stored substances from external fire.

The cabinet exterior and interior are thermally insulated from each other, so there is a long time delay before the external heat reaches the inside of the cabinet. Doors left open close automatically in the event of fire, as will the air inlet and outlet spigots. In addition, the door joints are automatically sealed by special fire protection seals. The cabinet is thus hermetically sealed against external fire.


Properties and advantages:

  • Safe storage of flammable liquids
  • Proven fire resistance (type 90) compliant with EN 14470-1
  • GS certified
  • Automatic thermomechanical door closing in the event of fire
  • Safety lock with visual indication of lock state
  • Integrated connection to extraction system

Product Specifications

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