Laboratory Furniture – Laboratory Sinks and Basins

Laboratory Sinks and Basins

Practical solutions are necessary wherever water is used in the laboratory. Whether you opt for a basin or a complete sink unit will depend on your own needs and available space.
Laboratory sinks and basins can be combined with water taps, draining racks, soap and towel dispensers and eyewash stations to form excellently equipped washing workstations conforming to applicable safety standards.

Installation options:

  • Top-mounted basin 

Top-mounted basins have a surrounding raised rim that is larger than the worktop cutout. They are fitted with the rim resting on the worktop.

  • Built-in basin

Built-in basins are set into the worktop. The worktop cutout required for this is larger than the basin size. The basin rim is joined
flush with the worktop after installation. Built-in basins do not have a raised rim.

  • Welded-in basin

Welded-in basins are welded seamlessly into the worktop. These basins do not have a raised rim. Welded-in basins are only available in polypropylene (PP) and stainless steel. They can only be combined with worktops

made of the same material.

  • Underslung basin

Underslung basins are fastened underneath the worktop. The worktop cutout is smaller than the size of the basin, so the worktop extends over the rim of the basin. Underslung basins do not have a raised rim.

Some ceramic basins are available with an edge recess on the left, right, or both sides. They can be combined with matching drainboards on the recessed side or sides.


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