Diagnostic – ThinPrep Integrated Imager


The ThinPrep Integrated Imager, Hologic’s newest Pap test imaging solution, combines state-of-the-art imaging technology with the convenience of dual slide review in a single, automated, stand-alone microscope that fits neatly on a desktop.


With the ThinPrep Integrated Imager, individual slides can be imaged and ready for cytotechnologist review in approximately 90 seconds. During that time, the device scans each cell and cell cluster using optical density analysis and proprietary interpretation algorithms across the entire slide. It then identifies 22 fields of interest for the cytotechnologist to determine if further review is needed. Slide reviews are tracked on an intuitive touchscreen. The ThinPrep Integrated Imager tracks each slide’s progress to ensure that abnormal cells and fields of interest are properly presented and reviewed. Areas of concern identified during the review can be electronically marked for further analysis. At any point in the process, users have the ability to review a specific field of interest, manually scan the surrounding area and return to the field of interest to complete the review. If the cytotechnologist determines no additional analysis is needed, slides can be quickly and easily signed out as negative, right then and there.


Product Specifications

Description Parametres
Product Division Laboratory Division
Methodology Cytology instruments
Brand Hologic Lab

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