Slide Printer- IP S

The Leica IP S imprints standard microscope slides, taking only four seconds per imprint when running in serial mode. A patented ink, specially designed for Leica Microsystems, makes imprints resistant to chemical exposure and physical wear. Whether alphanumeric characters, barcodes or logos, the print resolution is always excellentwith good legibility.

A specific advantage of barcode imprints is the tracking possibility of the probe within the complete histology workflow and additionally the reliable archiving with quick and accurate case identification. An optional external magazine is available to pre-load slides.


Barcode printed slide

Barcode printed slide

Barcode printed slide used for tracking supports reduction of human error through automation and traceability.

Ink-jet technology

Ink-jet technology

The patented ink-jet technology using chemical resistant ink can accommodate a broad range of chemicals for processing without dissolving the printed labeling.

Batch job printing

Automated unload station

The optional automated unload station has 10 trays, each of which holds up to 11 slides, automates the manual process and helps to reduce human error (e.g. mixing up sequence of slides).

Batch job printing

Batch job printing: 14 slides/minute (two line printing) Single-cassette printing: 10 sec. per slide; for high throughput and optimized workflow.

LIS integration

Designed for LIS integration, single PC, or multiple-user PC workstations, where several printers can be connected to one PC.

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