Sepax C-Pro Protocol – Dilution

Dilute or split cellular products into multiple bags in combination with the Sepax C-Pro Cell Processing System.

Use Dilution C-Pro to:

  • Further dilute cells after cell washing to prevent aggregation.
  • Further split final cellular product into several bags.
  • Dilution of cryo-preserved product prior to transplantation.


Key Features


Dilution volume


220 mL


Bag splits


Up to five


Average TNC recovery


> 90% (splitting)
100% (dilution)


Cell concentration variability


< 10% (splitting)


Step Details



Prepare a washing solution.




Connect the initial product to a single-use kit.




Install the kit on the Sepax C-Pro.




The Sepax C-Pro automatically performs the procedure including:
• Dilution of final bag
• Splitting of initial bag into multiple final bags.

Protocol Information

Dilution C-Pro protocol software is integral to our Sepax C-Pro Cell Processing System. It allows for an automatic, reproducible, and user-independent procedure. Only for use with compatible Sepax C-Pro equipment.


Compatible Equipment

Sepax C-Pro (#29264741)

Kits: CT-49.1 (#29264739), CT-60.1 (#29264739), CT-90.1 (#29264740)


 Packaging Information

One box for each protocol, including a USB key with the protocol installed and a user installation guide.



Product Specifications

Description Parametres
Product Division Laboratory Division
Brand Cytiva

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