Laboratory Furniture – Single Benches

  • Single benches with or without castors
  • Bench frames with worktops made of various materials
    • TopResist® and Trespa Toplab®PLUS melamine (see worktops)
  • Work heights of 750 mm (sitting workstation) and 900 mm (standing workstation)
  • Load capacity of fixed version up to 300 kg
  • Load capacity of mobile version up to 100 kg
  • several widths (900, 1200, 1500, 1800 mm) and depths (600, 750 mm)
  • With sturdy shelf beneath work surface
  • Suitable for analytical equipment and apparatus
  • Can be added to the laboratory afterwards if more surface area is needed
  • The mobile version on castors is versatile and makes your laboratory flexible
  • A mobile single bench can for example be used to carry apparatus into a walk-in fume cupboard, enabling flexible and convenient procedures

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