Emergency Showers

We design your emergency shower solution to match your standards and requirements perfectly. Build the right configuration with showers and accessories from our complete range of high-quality products.

Emergency showers overview


Body showers – rinse the whole body effectively.
Body showers are indispensable where acids, steam, dust or other harmful substances are being handled.

  • Wall mounted straight
  • Wall mounted above door
  • Ceiling mounted
  • Freestanding




Eye/Face showers – immediate relief when eyes are injured.
Reliable and efficient showers for eyes and face.

  • Wall mounted stationary
  • Wall mounted flexible
  • Table mounted flexible




Combined showers – get damage control for body, eyes and face in one solution
Body and eye/face showers in one installation.

  • Wall mounted
  • Freestanding




Heated showers – avoid cold shocks with heated water.
Heated showers for locations where temperatures can go as low as a -35°C.

  • Freestanding body shower
  • Freestanding combined body and eye/face shower
  • Wall mounted body shower
  • Pedestal mounted eye/face shower
  • Tank showers