Fume Cupboards – Distillation and walk-in


More room for working safely

Tall apparatus needs a lot of space. Distillation and walk-in fume cupboards are ideal in this regard. Distillation fume cupboards feature an especially low worktop, while walk-in fume cupboards provide enough room for large apparatus.


Product data

EXPLORIS® Walk-in and distillation fume cupboards are used when a large working height is required, for example in distillations or preparative column chromatography. Here you will find all information about dimensions and volume flow.


Fume cupboard control TouchTronic

Easy operation of fume cupboards

As a control element for a wide range of functions, the new TouchTronic combines fume cupboard control and monitoring with high computing power. The combination of work steps in one unit saves time and also protects everyone else in the lab: warnings can be easily shown on the display. Even when wearing gloves, the IPS touch screen recognises the touch.