Working with hazardous substances is subject to strict regulations for good reason. We therefore support you with a wide range of products for the safe storage of sensitive dangerous goods, regardless of whether they are liquid, solid or gaseous. Our aim is to meet your individual requirements for the substances to be stored, such as e.g. B. flammable, toxic, corrosive, water-polluting, with tailor-made solutions – for process-optimized storage of hazardous substances in research, development and production.

1. Safety Cabinet Type 90


Your advantage with DÜPERTHAL safety storage cabinets!

Maximum fire protection for your safety

Maximum safety with Type 90 technology and automatic self-closing in the event of a fire.

Sophisticated design for your health

Ventilation on every cabinet level with visual inspection of the shut-off flaps, standard with a consistent earthing concept.

Increased service life for your investment

Endurance test according to DIN EN 14727 or the new DIN EN 16121 and DIN EN 16122, even 80,000 instead of 50,000 cycles in the dynamic load test.

1.a) Ventilation

Ventilation on every cabinet level and visual control of the ventilation shut-off flaps.

1.b) Grounding

In order to avoid the risk of ignition through grounding in accordance with TRGS 727, the bearing surfaces are conductively connected to the equipotential bonding straps as standard.

1.c) Automatic door closure

In the event of a fire, a thermocouple automatically triggers the non-blocking door closure via the non-wearing safety device (functional principle similar to that of the airbag system).

1.d) Base

A recessed base is the solution for ergonomic work and a secure footing.

1.e)Lock arrangement

The ergonomic lock arrangement at handle height increases ease of use.

1.f) Transport

Thanks to the base construction with removable skirting boards, the cabinet can be driven on from all sides. This makes it easy to transport, for example with a lift truck.


2. Fireroof Refrigerators


Conventional laboratory refrigerators are unpredictable sources of danger. Without protection against external thermal influences, they pose a risk to life, limb and work materials in the event of fire.

Store flammable substances safely, even when refrigerated

In many laboratories, flammable media are used that have to be stored refrigerated. According to the BG Chemie, conventional laboratory refrigerators are not intended for this application due to their lack of fire resistance. By definition, these refrigerators are not storage facilities for flammable liquids, but are used to keep educts (flammable liquids) available during the work process or to carry out test procedures, e.g. B. Crystallization of products. Only the combination of Type 90 technology according to DIN EN 14470-1 with a cooling device with an explosion-proof interior, e.g. B. COOL line, offers the possibility to also store the media in a cooled manner in accordance with TRGS 510.

90 minutes of fire resistance

Type 90 fire and explosion-proof DÜPERTHAL safety storage cabinets reliably offer 90 minutes of fire resistance. In an emergency, this creates enough time for evacuation and a safe buffer to take decisive action when fighting the fire.

Functional and safe

With all safety, you never have to do without functionality with the COOL line from DÜPERTHAL. In the COOL line, DÜPERTHAL combines laboratory cooling technology with maximum fire resistance, naturally type-tested according to DIN EN 14470-1 and in accordance with the laboratory furniture standard DIN EN 14727 and the new DIN EN 16121 and DIN EN 16122. Effective cooling from +2 °C to +16 °C and many additional functions create the framework for individually optimized, safe work processes.


3. Compressed Gas Cylinder Storage


Uniform fire protection concept

The safety cabinets for pressurized gas cylinders from the SUPREME line plus help you to equip your laboratory with fire resistance of 90 minutes throughout. In connection with the DÜPERTHAL safety cabinets type 90 according to DIN EN 14470-1, the SUPREME line plus is the right solution for a consistent fire protection concept according to the highest standards.


4. Store Batteries


Most lithium-ion batteries are not designed for temperatures above 60°C. As the temperature rises, lithium batteries react with a pressure build-up in the cell, intensive escape of flammable gases, cell fire and even the battery burning off explosively (thermal runaway). The dangers result, among other things, from deficits in production and improper handling of the storage medium.

Fire compartments and fire resistant areas

In conventional storage cupboards, work materials are not shielded from external thermal influences. In the event of a fire, this can lead to increased personal injury and damage to property. DÜPERTHAL type 90 safety storage cabinets, on the other hand, reliably offer 90 minutes of fire resistance in accordance with DIN EN 14470-1 or DIN EN 1363-1 and are classified as a fire-resistant, separate area (fire compartment) in accordance with TRGS 510.

90 minutes safe fire protection

The BATTERY line safety storage cabinets are specially designed to meet the high requirements for safe storage and charging of lithium-ion batteries, which can self-ignite in the event of a malfunction. With the Type 90 classification and the explosive burning of the batteries in the interior tested by the independent Fraunhofer Institute, the BATTERY line offers dual fire protection – enough time for evacuation and buffer for firefighting.