Most lithium-ion batteries are not designed for temperatures above 60°C. As the temperature rises, lithium batteries react with a pressure build-up in the cell, intensive escape of flammable gases, cell fire and even the battery burning off explosively (thermal runaway). The dangers result, among other things, from deficits in production and improper handling of the storage medium.

Fire compartments and fire resistant areas

In conventional storage cupboards, work materials are not shielded from external thermal influences. In the event of a fire, this can lead to increased personal injury and damage to property. DÜPERTHAL type 90 safety storage cabinets, on the other hand, reliably offer 90 minutes of fire resistance in accordance with DIN EN 14470-1 or DIN EN 1363-1 and are classified as a fire-resistant, separate area (fire compartment) in accordance with TRGS 510.

90 minutes safe fire protection

The BATTERY line safety storage cabinets are specially designed to meet the high requirements for safe storage and charging of lithium-ion batteries, which can self-ignite in the event of a malfunction. With the Type 90 classification and the explosive burning of the batteries in the interior tested by the independent Fraunhofer Institute, the BATTERY line offers dual fire protection – enough time for evacuation and buffer for firefighting.