Antisera for DG Gel Cards

Antisera are a basic tool in transfusion medicine laboratories for routine testing and solving complex cases.


Mix and match antisera with different platforms, DG Gel cards, and instruments.

  • Universal liquid antisera
  • Validated to work with DG Gel cards
  • Supported by all DG Gel system platforms
  • Compatible with lab upgrades

Customize profiles without stocking several different fix profiles or wasting reagents.

  • Antisera can be used with DG Gel Neutral, DG Gel Coombs, or DG Gel Anti-IgG cards
  • DG Gel cards are always used 100%
  • For additional adaptability, some dual antisera can be used for conventional tube testing

Interpret reliable results from clear, consistent, and stable measurements.

  • Stable and clear results provide easy-to-read reactions
  • Minimal training required
  • DG Gel cards and platform compatibility help improve stock management