V8 NEXUS Assays

Complete capillary application portfolio

Powerful, automated and highly sensitive clinical tests tailored for performance on V8 Nexus.

No other analyser is as flexible as V8 Nexus, and our unique combination of next-generation hardware and revolutionary touchscreen software delivers those benefits to your laboratory in the form of clearer, more rapid and more sensitive results.

V8 Serum Proteins
Rapid, sensitive and clearly resolved SP results

Haemoglobin UltraScreen
High-performance automated haemoglobin CZE test

Haemoglobin A1c
A fully automated, IFCC calibrated test for HbA1c

IFCC-certified testing for alcohol abuse

Take advantage of unique V8 Nexus technologies

Multiple assays
V8 Nexus supports multiple buffers, reagents and methods simultaneously, for total automated flexibility.

Power and flexibility
No other CE system matches V8 Nexus for features, delivering versatility and performance in equal measure.

Clear interpretation
Platinum 5 delivers an easy-to-use touchscreen workflow with unlimited databases and networked viewing.

Consolidate your laboratory with our automated gel tray workflow

V8 Nexus provides the unique ability to prepare sample trays for gel electrophoresis testing and confirmation, with automated dilutions and complete end-to-end patient ID and reagent traceability.

  • Serum and Urine Proteins (up to 100 samples)
  • Immunofixation (up to 15 serum and urine samples)
  • Alkaline and Acid Haemoglobin (up to 40 samples)
  • Automated pre-lysis for whole-blood haemoglobin