DxU Iris Workcell Automated Urinalysis Solution

Take the Interruptions Out of Your Urinalysis Workflow

Laboratories need reliable solutions that minimize manual review and standardize high-throughput processes. Using industry leading technology, the DxU Iris Workcell fully automated system streamlines urinalysis workflow by reducing manual review to less than 3%1. The analyzers’ load-and-go walkaway capability and Edit-Free Release technology minimizes interruptions and operator intervention. An intuitive software user interface elevates operator experience and access to innovative software solutions enables remote service monitoring for improved laboratory system uptime.


Focus on What Matters Most
The DxU Iris Workcell pairs the DxU 840/850 Iris urine microscopy analyzer with the DxU 810c Iris urine chemistry analyzer to create a scalable, fully automated urinalysis solution for your laboratory. Using proprietary Digital Flow Morphology technology with Auto-Particle Recognition (APR) Software, the DxU Iris Workcell helps to isolate, identify and characterize particles on the screen to virtually eliminate the need for manual microscopy.


Standardize Particle Classification
Robust APR Software evaluates particles by size, shape, contrast and texture. It auto-classifies 12 urine sediment particles and sub-classifies 27 particles, resulting in high level of confidence by delivering accurate identification of particles and achieving shortened turnaround time.