DxU Microscopy Series Urine Microscopy Analyzer

Streamline urinalysis workflow with standardized results and walkaway technology

The DxU Iris Microscopy Series automated urine microscopy analyzer includes the DxU 840m Iris, with a throughput of 70 samples per hour or the DxU 850m Iris, with a throughput of 101 samples per hour. The instruments deliver faster turnaround times and accurately standardizes results by reducing manual intervention.



The DxU Microscopy Series is available as either a standalone urine microscopy instrument or it can connect to the DxU 810c Iris urine chemistry instrument to form the fully automated DxU Iris Workcell urinalysis system. Using proprietary Digital Flow Morphology technology with Auto-Particle Recognition (APR) Software, the DxU Microscopy Series helps to isolate, identify and characterize digital images of particles on the screen to virtually eliminate the need for manual microscopy.


Reduce Manual Reviews

The DxU Microscopy Series streamlines urinalysis workflow with significantly lower manual microscopic review rate of less than 3%.1 This is achieved using proprietary Digital Flow Morphology technology with APR Software to capture digital images of particles in the urine or in body fluids. Leveraging this technology reduces total sample processing time up to 78% compared to manual microscopy.2


Confidence in Results

APR Software evaluates the size, shape, contrast and texture of the urine particles and evaluates each digital image to identify and classify the urine particles into one of 12 primary categories. The operator has the option to further subclassify particles into 27 additional categories. This offers easy identification of the urine sediment and quick verification of particle presence reduces the need for microscopy to identify and confirm presence of a category flag or scatterplot. The primary particle categories include: