Frozen Sections

«Frozen sections are one of the most important and difficult procedures a pathologist performs during his practice. It requires experience, knowledge of clinical pathology, the capacity to make quick decisions under pressure and a keen awareness of the limitations» says Prof. Juan Rosai, one of the most eminent pathologists in the world, author of the leading treatise on the specialty entitled, “Rosai and Ackerman’s Surgical Pathology”.

On the surgery table, now more than ever, patients are in need of quick/reliable answers about how the surgical operation is going.
The so-called Frozen Section Procedure is an urgent procedure, known to offer slides of poor morphological quality due to the slow freezing procedure. Often, the slides that are produced cannot provide a definite diagnosis and the answer from pathologists tends to be uncertain.

The Frozen-Area is a division of the Pathology lab, where the need for professional tools is crucial. With this in mind, Milestone developed PrestoCHILL and PRESTO PRO, adding to its innovative line with instruments that improve both cryoembedding and staining for creating high quality frozen sections in less than 10 minutes.

A frozen block made by PrestoCHILL in less than 60 seconds will have a planar surface with ideal sample positioning and no ice crystals! The frozen section slides stained with PRESTO PRO will be as good as permanent sections for normal tissues, fatty tissues, muscles and also lymph nodes.

Improve patient care in your hospital environment by giving histotechs the professional tools that they need and thus giving pathologists the frozen section slide they have always dreamed of!

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