Full Automatic Feces Analyzer 6000R

Closed System
Full Filtration
Test Items Expansible
Feces Analysis Automation
Biological Safety

Specimen Pre-processing; Morphological Examination; Immunological Test;

Specimen processing principle
Sciendox ® Full Filtration Separation Technology

Specimen processing mode
Dual modes, auto setting and custom setting

Morphological examination principle
Microscope examination

Qty of pictures
Low magnified: 60 pcs, high magnified: 240 pcs

Immunological test principle
Colloidal gold agglutination

Colloidal gold reagents
HP(Helicobacter Pylori)
FOB( Fecal Occult Blood)
TF( Transferrin)

Priority sample capacity
60 samples

Working speed
60-65 tests/H( each test includes Specimen Processing, Morphological Examination and Immunological Test)

Waste gas disposal
Multiple filtration( meet the requirement of HEPA standard)

Waste water disposal
Automatic sorting into waste bags

Display and input
Built-in PC with color LCD, keyboard and mouse

Data memory
100000 tests