LABScan3D System

The LabScan3D is based on Luminex® xMAP® technology and uses Luminex® xPONENT® software for data acquisition. The LAbScan3D is the most advanced Luminex system to date! Dual syringe pumps and reagent reservoirs allow for higher throughput and planned maintenance routines. With its ability to process 500 bead regions simultaneously, there is significant increase in the size of screenable analytes. When used with LABType XR and CWD products (exclusively designed for the LABScan3D), 500 beads can simultaneously be multiplexed in a single sample. This advanced instrument is compatible with all of One Lambda’s LABType and LABScreen family of products which allows the user to make assignments of HLA antibodies as well as HLA typing with the analysis support of HLA Fusion.