Microbiology Automation

Integrate pre-analytical, analytical and post-analytical tasks to save time and reduce overhead for improved patient

Copan WASP® DT: Walk-Away Specimen Processor

Automate sample processing your way

Standardize and improve the quality of your specimen-culturing activities. The Copan WASP DT is a modular, open platform that fully automates all facets of specimen processing in microbiology, including plating and streaking, Gram slide preparation, broth inoculation and disk application to aid in rapid, direct identification.


Balance Productivity Improvements with Current Protocols

  • Automate routine tasks like labeling and slide preparation
  • Run with reusable standard metal loops and classic streaking patterns to reduce consumable waste and leverage current review protocols
  • Follow CLSI standards and microbiology best practices with use of 1µL loop protocol for quantitative urine cultures

Improve Quality

  • Automatically selects the correct media, loop size and streaking pattern with LIS-driven sample processing protocols
  • Streamline processing of samples with multiple barcode labels – Smart Scan technology reduces rejections by selecting the right barcode
  • Confirms loop integrity and accuracy – specialized image analysis verification also ensures the presence of inoculum

Increase Flexibility

  • Minimize batch processing; load pallets with any sample type onto the continuous feed conveyor
  • Eliminate sample de-capping
  • Automate streaking of up to 130 plates per hour with full automation of all steps