MicroScan ID/AST Panels

Provide first-time accuracy with direct MIC for trusted detection of emerging and critical antimicrobial resistance.

MicroScan Conventional Panels

Antimicrobial resistance detection to combat MDROs


Direct MIC Testing to Support Your Laboratory’s Antimicrobial Stewardship
The MicroScan portfolio of ID/AST panels supports unique institutional and geographic needs with a broad menu of antibiotic configurations and choice of inoculum preparation methods. With continued emergence of antimicrobial resistance, our direct MIC testing methodology provides confidence for detecting subtle changes in susceptibility results.

  • Support a variety of formulary needs with current antimicrobials and dilutions
  • Test both ID and AST in a single combo panel to optimize workflow
  • Select MIC-only panel formats to complement MALDI-TOF ID* testing protocols
  • Use ID-only panels for targeted testing needs
  • Use either Prompt† or turbidity inoculation method for workflow flexibility
  • Rely on visual confirmation of biochemical and susceptibility results for added confidence in unusual results
  • Get integrated ESβL confirmation on most Gram-negative panels

Rapid ID Panels

Same-shift results: Gram-negative and Gram-positive ID in 2.5 hours

With our MicroScan Rapid ID panels, your laboratory can support proactive antimicrobial stewardship activities using your existing system.


MicroScan Rapid ID panels provide definitive identifications for routine and clinically significant organisms in as little as 2.5 hours. Rapid ID coupled with your hospital antibiogram provides rapid empirical therapy guidance when needed.

  • Automated processing by the MicoScan WalkAway plus microbiology system reduces technologist time
  • Testing of pre-formed enzymes provides rapid, actionable, accurate identifications
  • Selective use as an automated backup for non-reactive or unusual organisms enables greater flexibility
  • Test inoculums prepared using the turbidity method meet your laboratory’s needs

Specialty ID Panels

Same-shift results make specialty testing routine
Our MicroScan Specialty ID Panels provide 4-hour identification (ID) results for routine yeast species, fastidious Gram-negative rods and anaerobic bacteria.


As yeast, fastidious organisms and anaerobes play a greater role in infectious disease, MicroScan Specialty ID panels meet the challenge. Choose from three panels for rapid identification of yeast, Haemophilus and Neisseria spp. and anaerobic bacteria. This technology tests for the presence of pre-formed enzymes used by the organism to metabolize various substrates.

  • Use broad organism databases that encompass typical clinical isolates
  • Deliver a cost-effective solution for supplemental testing with simple setup and easy-to-read substrates
  • Prepare test inoculum using a turbidity method
  • Determine definitive identification in only four hours
  • Perform and interpret tests manually or process on the DxM MicroScan WalkAway, MicroScan autoSCAN-4 and MicroScan WalkAway plus microbiology systems to support any laboratory workflow*

MICroSTREP plus Panels

Comprehensive MIC testing detects emerging resistance
MIC testing for all Streptococcus spp. using CLSI microdilution supplementation and incubation standards.


Healthcare professionals are faced with a variety of significant fastidious pathogens where resistance to an extensive number of antibiotics is rapidly on the rise. This can lead to complications, ranging from pediatric ear infections to life-threatening conditions, such as meningitis or sepsis. For appropriate antimicrobial therapy, accurate minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC) testing should be assessed for all significant isolates.

MICroSTREP plus:

  • Provides comprehensive coverage of all streptococcal species including S. pneumoniae, beta and viridans streptococci
  • Supports testing of Haemophilus* spp. (outside the U.S.)
  • Tests inoculums prepared using the turbidity method to meet your laboratory’s needs
  • Enables select from two panel configurations, ensuring appropriate formulary coverage
  • Allows users to automate processing on a MicroScan WalkAway plus system or interpret panel growth manually

ESβL plus Panels

Timely, accurate detection is essential for successful infection management
Get confirmation and susceptibility testing for ESβL-producing organisms using CLSI-recommended dilutions.


Resistance to a wide variety of common antimicrobials has made the spread of ESβL-producing strains a global health concern, and the CDC classifies them as a serious health threat. Although routine testing of clinical isolates for ESβL production is no longer required by the CLSI, testing is still useful for epidemiological or infection control purposes. Accurate detection of ESβL-producing organisms can be a clinical problem; timely detection is required for successful infection management.

  • Satisfies CLSI recommendations for confirmation testing of E. coli, K. pneumoniae, K. oxytoca and P. mirabilis in a convenient MIC-only panel format
  • Provides susceptibility results for recommended therapeutic agents for ESβL-confirmed isolates
  • Supports testing of other ESβL-producing Gram-negative bacteria (outside the U.S.)
  • Facilitates the study of other types of β-lactamase production in Gram-negative bacteria, such as ampC (outside the U.S.)
  • Offers manual processing to provide flexibility for any laboratory
  • Enables the use of either the Prompt™* or turbidity inoculation method for workflow flexibility